My Style Of Writing

Although I can sit and write or type with a strict focus and plan. Since i was in school and was given a task that involved writing. I always write and let myself get lost in the typing or writing. I try not to think too much about what i am going to say and […]

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This is a simple quick post just to say I hope you are all having a good Sunday where ever you may be and what ever you are doing. It is coming to the start of another week and as long as you are healthy and reasonable happy at least you are blessed and beautiful! […]

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Fake Friends 

Friends Can Break Your Heart Too Especially when you are genuine with your intentions and betrayal comes as a surprise. I left 2016 with a good few less friends. I didn’t understand it at first I still don’t totally to be honest but i have grown to be glad. I would rather have 1 friend […]

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The Donald Trump

One thing I always wonder about Donald Trump and any other world country leaders in fact is what people’s opinions are on how much influence, control and security you think you would have regardless of who it is and how they chose to campaign. A while ago not a lot of people would have probably […]

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